Experience 'Medicine in the Wild', a Medicinal Plant & Traditional Medicine Walking Trail in the South Texas Brush Country led by Tony Ramirez, Coyotl Cuica Cuitlahuac 'Singing Desert Coyote'.

Accompany Tony for some wilderness therapy along the Medicine Path and learn about the many native plant species and their traditional uses, as well as some of the science behind the tradition. Traverse through ancient, sacred grounds where our native ancestors once roamed. Have the opportunity to experience ceremonial medicine as practiced among the indigenous people. See wild plants that yield conventional medicine. Sample various seasonal wild fruits, berries, mesquite beans, cactus pads, leaves, twigs or roots. Along the trail visit an old 'medicine tree', where you can symbolically leave a wish, prayer, or petition within its branches.

This 'Medicine in the Wild' encounter will provide a memorable experience that will deepen your knowledge and appreciation of our healing earth and give you a sense of hope and renewal.

The details:
- Fee for the walk is $85.00 per person for 5 or more people.
- For fewer than 5 people, a flat fee of $400.00.
- 'Medicine in the Wild' session will last about 3 hours (not all of that time will be spent walking;
includes short travel time to and from trail start).
- Trail location is on privately-owned ranch land.
- The hike is fun and the pace is casual, but still slightly challenging, so no young children please.

Additional Programs & Services Available (for South Texas only ):
- Native plant identification/inventory on ranches.
- Medicinal Plant Walk/Talk/Hike at your ranch, hunting lease, or outside venue.

Please email for more details, further information, or to schedule a date.

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Booking & Contact Info:
2503 Garfield St Laredo, TX 78043 ~ 956.724.6877 ~ tony@commoncoyote.com